Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miette, San Francisco

Cupcakes & cakes tried: old fashioned, gingerbread, mini sharffen berger, chocolate creme cake, lemon tart

Overall reaction: C'est Marveilleux!

This little bakeshop/pâtisserie is so sweet and petite! I'm sure that Napoleon would have declared, "C'est une victoire!" as he nibbled on a bit of cake.

The Old Fashioned cupcake was wonderful. The chocolate cake was perfect and paired with a delicious marshmallow creme topping. Visions of sugarplums definitely danced around inside my head.

The Mini Scharffen Berger cake was richly elegant. Bravo, Bravo! Encore, Encore!

The Lemon Tart had a good crust but was a little thin on the curd, which could have been a bit tangier. Still tasted great though.

The Chocolate Cream cake was made up of alternating layers of chocolate cake and whipped cream. Everything about this cake was excellent except for the tiny pieces of cacao nibs scattered throughout. The cacao nibs interfered with enjoying this cake completely and to boot, they kept getting stuck in my teeth.

The Gingerbread cupcake was actually my least favorite treat. The cream cheese frosting was yummy on top but the cake tasted only of molasses. Four of my friends tried this cupcake as well and the first thing they said but not in unison was, "Whoa, too much molasses." This eased my mind, as I thought maybe I was acting a little harshly towards this cupcake. I think Ginger was definitely not happy with Molasses having the entire spotlight.

My words of advice: Très Yum! Will definitely be going back.