Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Boy!

My friend Lesley and I threw a baby shower for our friend Jamie this past weekend. And of course I was in charge of cupcakes. I can't take credit for the concept as I got the idea from the book "Hello Cupcake" which has tons of unique ideas. But they were just so darn cute that I had to give it a whirl.


The Spruiells said...

They were so darn cute and so darn GOOD TOO!!!!!!! thank you so much...I loved them! (And thanks for sending me home with a few extra) :)

Pearlin said...

So cute!!!

The Fredy Family said...

I love that book! I got it last month for my kids cupcake birthdays. Are you familier with Bakerella blog? It is on my blog list. Great site!