Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Love At First Bite, Berkeley

Love At First Bite
1510 Walnut Street, Suite G
Berkeley, Ca 94709

Cupcakes tried: pretty in pink, lemon pistachio, mud pie, and matcha green tea

Overall reaction: Like at first bite

Along with my taste buds, I had another taster with me to help rate these lovely cupcakes. Thanks Shannon Linquist!

Let's start with the pretty in pink cupcake which was soooo pinkalicious! This cupcake consisted of strawberry cake and pink strawberry buttercream. It had a nice balance of tart and sweetness and tasted just like strawberries. The cake was baked perfectly. Strawberry Shortcake herself would be proud.

The lemon pistachio cupcake was a little disappointing. The cake was dry and you could hardly taste the lemon. It might as well have just been vanilla. The pistachio buttercream had the same problem with not enough of a distinct pistachio flavor. I love pistachio and lemon, so I was quite sad that this cupcake claimed to be both.

The mudpie was a yummy devil's food cake with mocha frosting and Oreo crumbs. The cake was nice and fudgy, a chocolate lover's delight. The Oreos were slightly smashed in the buttercream making them soft and I think it would have been better if they had a little crunch to them. I also would have liked a little more buttercream on top. Still, it was quite yummy.

The disaster of the afternoon fell upon the matcha green tea cupcake. First off, the color of the cupcake was hardly desirable. In the photo I took, it looks like a nice mint green color but in real life it looked like green puke/green pea baby food. Not good. The cake was dry and the icing was horrible tasting. I have to quote Shannon on this one, "Keep the green tea to mochi balls!"

My words of advice: It seems the cupcakes might be hit or miss here but definitely worth a try. The pretty in pink cupcake is for surely going down in my book of favorites.

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shannonlinq said...

Love it! Thanks again for takin' me Marisa!