Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Little Cupcake, Studio City

My Little Cupcake
11925 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604

Cupcakes tried: hi hat, Reese's, opera, strawberry and red velvet cake balls

Overall reaction: Oh My!

While my husband (Steve) was in Los Angeles he stopped at My Little Cupcake with my sister Gina to try out their cupcakes and bring some home for me to try as well. Lucky me! Their cupcakes were definitely eye candy, large and scrumptious looking. I was told that the guy managing/running the shop was really nice and gave them free samples.

I dived into the Hi Hat cupcake first which is devil's food cake topped with marshmallow and then dipped in chocolate. It was most definitely high. If you like marshmallow fluff then you will like the topping, however the cake was miserably dry...such a shame.

Next, I tried the Opera cupcake. This cupcake was much better. It's a vanilla cake soaked with coffee syrup and layered with chocolate ganache and coffee frosting. My only gripe is that I had hoped that it would have a distinct coffee taste and there was only a hint of it.

The Reece's cupcake had the same problem as the Hi Hat...dry, dry and more dry. They must have been baked at the same time or they were just plain old. The peanut butter mouse filling was really yummy though.

The Strawberry cupcake proved to be the winner out of the four. It was a vanilla cake with chunks of strawberry baked in. This cake was moist, light and delicious!

And of course I saved the best for last...
TA-DA! Red Velvet cake balls! These were bite sized cake balls dipped in chocolate. And they really were the most perfect bite.

My words of advice: If you are traveling along Ventura Blvd., definitely make a stop at this little cupcake shop and don't pass up on the cake balls.

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Transition Photography said...

I stopped at a cupcake store for the first time and it happened to be my little cupcake (which is just up the street from me). So far I have had the strawberry shortcake cup cake and it is super good. I got some of the same ones you got and I can't wait to taste the others. yum ummmm.