Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Weddings

I had two weddings back to back this fall. One was for my dear friend Pearlin. Her and John were married September 26th at a winery in Temecula. Their wedding was Indian themed inspired and very beautiful.

The second wedding was for Annie and Sean who were married in Napa on October 2nd at Harvest Inn. Four different types of cupcakes were on the menu for their wedding along with a small cake for them to cut during their reception.


The Fredy Family said...

I want one of each of those cup cakes right now!!!! The cake is beautiful!

Catherine J. Cruz said...

awesome! i miss your cupcakes! when i'm home, i'll order some with my sister again. hehe. thanks for visitng my blog. :) i know i was never able to email your hubby about his interest in a custom vinyl toy...but if he's still up for it, i'll be glad to do one. so leave me a message or email me( :D velvet!