Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not Your Average Garbage

Recent birthday cakes that I worked on included a cake for my husband and a 60th birthday cake.

The 60th birthday cake was for a surprise party for my sister's boyfriend's dad's birthday. He runs one of the garbage companies in the East Bay so we decided that a garbage cake was the only way to go on this one.

For Steve's birthday, I made a fudge cake with vanilla Butterfinger buttercream on the inside and decked with various candies on the outside.


Amy said...

I love these, lol, so fun!

Catherine J. Cruz said...

these are great!!! ^_^ so creative! talk about candy/chocolate overdose on the second cake! :p i'm sure your hubby loved it!

sorry about the link. they redid it so here's the new one:

hope it works! have a great day!

Tyrone and Elina said...

You're frekkin awesome! I'm so proud that cake virtuoso was my roommie!

lyndsay said...

the garbage can is hilarious.

your website is adorable too! love how each page is different!