Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dots Cupcakes, Pasadena

Cupcakes tried: strawberry lemonade, almond coconut, red velvet, and peppermint swirl

Overall reaction: X marks the dot

On my last visit to Los Angeles, one of my dear friends so graciously bought me some Dots cupcakes. So many thanks Pearlin!

The strawberry lemonade cupcake was oh so yummy. Chunks of strawberry mixed into the cake topped with cream cheese frosting...what could be better? My only gripe is that I wished the lemon flavor was stronger.

The red velvet cake had a lovely fluffy texture, however in the flavor department, it was lacking.

The almond coconut cupcake was really moist with a nice subtle almond taste.

Best of the bunch was the peppermint swirl. The chocolate cake was extra moist and the pink peppermint frosting was fun and delicious.

Overall, the cupcakes needed a little extra frosting. Don't be so stingy, everybody loves frosting!

My words of advice: These cupcakes are worth a shot, there's no dot about it!

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