Monday, January 26, 2009

Teacake Bake Shop, Lafayette

Baked goods tried: lemon buttermilk cupcake, chocolate sour cream cupcake, peanut butter chocolate cupcake, chocolate chip cookie sandwich, snicker doodle cookie

Overall reaction: "I think it tastes pretty good."*

So again, I have some friends to thank that helped out by being such willing taste testers. Thanks Mike and Lesley Schooler!

The first cupcake tried was the chocolate sour cream cupcake with vanilla buttercream. This cupcake was moist with a light crunch on the
top. The cake had a subtle chocolate flavor which lent well to the sugary vanilla buttercream. There was a nice balance.

You could smell the peanut butter cupcake before even taking a bite out of it. This is definitely for the pb lovers. The cake was slightly dry and needed more peanut butter frosting but the flavors were great, so I can over look that.

I have a slight bone to pick with the lemon buttermilk cupcake. If it wasn't for its yummy lemon cream cheese frosting it would have just tasted like a vanilla cupcake instead. However it was light and fluffy and was well liked by all of us.

The chocolate chip cookie sandwich had such potential sitting as cute as can be in the display. What a mistake! This was the wrong type of cookie to make a sandwich out of. It was more like a shortbread cookie so it just crumbled when you took a bite. The frosting in the middle was way too sugary. Sad to say that none of us wanted to finish the cookie.

Snicker doodle this! The best snicker doodle I've ever had! This cookie was huge and had the perfect crunchy outside and soft inside. I wish I had tried some of the other cookies that looked equally as good.

My words of advice: Skip the cupcakes and head straight for the cookies. You can buy 3 cookies for the price of 2 cupcakes!

*Quoted by Mike Schooler.


Lesley said...

Mmmm...I'm still thinking about that Snickerdoodle! It was so good!

The Spruiells said...

Wait a second. There's a cupcake place right by my house and you didn't invite me to taste with y'all??? JUST KIDDING! I cannot wait to check it out! I may have to take your (and Lesley's) advice and check out that Snickerdoodle... :)