Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crumbs, NY

11 Wall Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Cupcakes tried: Elvis, grasshopper, squiggle and chocolate cupcake with peanut butter, white chocolate and chocolate mini chips

Overall Reaction: Let down of Titanic proportions!

The shop is well designed with a cute logo and definitely has a welcoming, clean atmosphere, I will give it that. It was hard not to have googly eyes while choosing the cupcakes because there were so many amazing looking and interesting flavor options to choose from, not too mention – they are bigger than your average cupcake!

Once again, I had my New York taste testers with me along with my hubby. So thank you Kris, Kim and Steve for your solid input!

Let's start off with the best one that we tried, the Elvis cupcake, which by the way does not say much. I'm looking online to make sure I have the flavors right and the cupcake we tried was made with different ingredients than what is described online. I guess some worker decided to improvise and switch out peanut butter mini chips for butterscotch ones. Basically the vanilla cake was yummy and the banana cream cheese frosting was great too but the butterscotch chips were so sweet that they overpowered the rest of the cupcake. The taste testers were divided on this one, half liked it and half didn't. I'm pretty sure it would have been better with the peanut butter mini chips instead.

The squiggle (hostess look alike) cupcake was a huge disappointment. The cupcake was bland and didn't taste like chocolate cake at all. The original hostess cupcake beats this one hands down!

I love anything mint so I was really looking forward to the grasshopper cupcake. The mint frosting tasted like mint ice cream which was fantastic but the cake, however moist it was, lacked that really great chocolate flavor. The mini chocolate chips around the edges was too much, they were hard and pretty much a mouth full, it would have been better with chocolate shavings or something like that instead.

The last cupcake we tried was the chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with mini peanut butter chips, chocolate chips and white chocolate chips. This cupcake was a let down too, the icing was too sweet, the cake was a little dry and the chocolate cake was bland.

My words of advice: For a place that seems to pride themselves on that homemade baked goodness, their cupcakes definitely didn't deliver that taste wise. For $3.75-4.50 a pop, I was expecting a little more but then again it's a chain that keeps growing and the cupcakes are baked off site so eventually manufacturing is the name of the game and quality is left behind for quantity. We were all a bit bummed out and quickly lost our high even after all the sugar consumed.


Amy said...

I totally agree with you about Crumbs ~ when my aunt lived in NY on the upper West side we used to go there every so often, and they always seemed to disappoint! Maybe we should have learned our lesson the first time, lol.

marisa said...

The thing is, they all look so good so you want to try them and then you have to deal with the fact that it was a major let down afterwards. :) Oh well, but thanks for agreeing with me!