Monday, July 28, 2008

Aroma Cafe, Studio City

Cupcakes tried: extra large chocolate oreo cupcake, various layer cakes and pies

Overall reaction: charming and delightful

My eyes were easily dazzled as I walked in to view the display case of oversized desserts and cakes piled with chopped candy bars. The cupcakes looked really fun, they were piled high with frosting that was slightly disarrayed adding to the appeal because they weren't so perfect. I decided I had to try one. The cupcake proved to be disappointing. The cake was very dry and the frosting was too shortening based, (like supermarket cake frosting).

Most of the cakes and pies are really good, some cakes are a little dry but overall you can't go wrong with a slice. Their blueberry heart scones are wonderful, especially warmed and with a little bit of butter. It's always hard to find a good scone.

My words of advice: Skip lunch and head straight for the desserts.


Anonymous said...

This place is disgusting, I don't know what's worse the egotistical waiter/waitress/actor/actress asshole behind the counter or the lame wanna be Studio City shit head writer/actor/director who goes there. It's fuckin coffee and cake get over yourselves.

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

Hey, I didn't say that the place was amazing, it has its ups and downs, but its better than going to Starbucks for a change!

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

oh and one more thing to the anonymous writer...almost ALL of LA is like what you describe. So I guess you don't like to go anywhere.

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

I do have to agree with you on most of it though. :)