Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just call me Baker

A few friends of mine have told me that I need to state that I am an actual baker on this blog. So here it is...I am a baker and cake designer (mostly self-taught with a few classes here and there) and a graphic designer. I come to the table with experience and a few bags of flour to back me up. I have an excellent palate when it comes to sweets and my acute design sense allows me to be very perceptive to composition and how concepts become works of art and/or delicious treats. I am not snobby or egotistical so I believe I will judge what I eat fairly.


Anonymous said...

WOOW! ok ok I call you Baker, I'll also call you a
HYPOCRITE. For someone who is not snobby or egotistical you sure do have a lot of pictures of yourself =)

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

ha ha ha. what can I say, I like pictures.

TorryW said...

Hey, did you cut your hair????

Love you,

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

yes, chopped it about a month ago. :)

Anonymous said...

psst...palate, not pallet ;)

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

thanks :)
I obviously wasn't an English major.