Monday, July 28, 2008

Citizen Cupcake Cafe, San Francisco

Cupcakes tried: lem-ania and chocolate chip mania cupcake

Overall reaction: not impressed

First off there weren't many cupcakes to choose from, it was more of a cafe than a cupcake shop. I'd have to say the name of the place is quite deceiving. The cookie cupcake was ok. The miniature cookie on top was a nice touch and the chocolate chips that lined the bottom of the cupcake was yummy as well. All this helped to mask the fact that the actually cake part of the cupcake was dry and lacking in flavor. It reminded me of an over baked cookie. So I guess it achieved its intended purpose – a chocolate chip cookie (which most people over bake).
The lemon cupcake was strange. The lemon curd filling was the best part about this cupcake, lemony and tangy. However the cake didn't have a lot of flavor and the lemon zest frosting was a bad combo leaving a really weird aftertaste in my mouth. gross.

My words of advice: Just stick with a cup of coffee.


disgruntled dave said...

hey what about Big Sugar
you shoul call your blog "Cupcake linQUIST"

TorryW said...

Hey Maruche,
I love your blog, it's making me hungry.
Hey I sent you an email with my blog address. I put a link on mine to your blog site.
Love you,

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

Yes, I have to add Big Sugar, but I want to go back there and try a few more things. I'm sure I'll have some good reviews for that one, as everything we had there was yummy!

Anonymous said...

Overall reaction: your not impressed with anything

sounds like sour grapes I mean sour cakes!

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

You think you're just so funny, don't you Mr. Anonymous. I will be impressed about something when I find something good enough to be impressed about.