Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sprinkles, Beverly Hills

Cupcakes tried: chocolate, strawberry, carrot, and coconut

Overall reaction: Way too much hype

The presentation of the cupcakes are wonderful, simple, contemporary and packaged very nicely. That however is the one positive thing I have to say about it. It's no wonder the hoity-toities of LA love these cupcakes, as they are beautiful on the outside and quite empty and soulless on the inside. I have had these cupcakes on numerous occasions, as they like to show up at parties and other events. The cake part can never be predictable, it's moist sometimes, dry other times, and usually lacks good flavor. On one occasion, I decided to try a chocolate cupcake and a strawberry cupcake. I took a bite of the chocolate one and thought it was OK, and then I took a bite of the strawberry cupcake and lo and behold they tasted exactly the same. How is that possible, they are two completely different flavors? Plus, the frosting is way tooooo sugary.

My words of advice: Don't judge a cupcake by its cover.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you might have had chocolate still in your mouth when you tried the strawberry flavored one? If anytthing, the strawberry cupcake might of tasted as bland as the vanilla, but i wouldn't say that it shared a similar flavor to chocolate. But i do agree with you, Sprinkles is not as great as people brag them to be.