Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kara's Cupcakes, San Francisco

Cupcakes tried: meyer lemony lemon, chocolate velvet, rasberry dazzle, sweet vanilla

Overall reaction: Didn't Kare for them

Kara's cupcakes seem to be the rave of S.F. A couple good things that I can say about the cupcakes is that the cake was really moist, had nice flavor and the presentation of the cupcakes and the shop had a sweet simplicity about it. The downfall is the buttercream on top. The buttercream was just not right for any of the cupcakes. Talk about eating a bite full of butter. It was more of a traditional buttercream, which is fine, but there wasn't enough flavor added to the buttercream to steer it away from tasting like a hunk of butter. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE buttercream. I think that this kind works great in cakes when there is other fillings and elements to go hand in hand with it, making it taste wonderful. But on top of a cupcake – no thanks! The lemon cupcake was absolutely horrible and not enough filling for $3.25.

My words of advice: Scrape off the tops of the cupcakes and put your own frosting on top. I guarantee it will taste better.


Megan Jacobsmeyer said...

2 friends told me they went to a place in Ghirideli square that was nothing more than cupcakes and they loved them- can't remember the name but I bet you can find it. =) Yesterday I ate awesome cupcakes tat came from SF- I'll find out where- I loved them. 2 to try- fun fun I love this blog!

marisa ghiglieri-linquist said...

Hey Megs,
The place in Ghirardelli Square was Kara's Cupcakes. :) A lot of people seem to like them. Like I said, if you feel like having a cupcake topped with butter, then it's a great place. :) It's also the trendiest of the cupcake shops here in SF, that always seems to sway what people actually think.

Anonymous said...

Trendy or not trendy, Kara's was pretty good. Their Rasberry Dazzle rocked! The buttercream had the right amount of rasberry flavor to it; it was light and just right. I would definitely recommend this one!