Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Introduction

So, you ask...who is this girl and why am I writing this?

I'm an ordinary girl who bakes and loves sweets. I grew up in a large Italian family where food reigned and not just any food – great food. My eyes light up at the mention of cupcakes, cakes and other baked goodies and treats. However, I have become very disappointed in the lack of quality and taste that most places and people boast to be amazing. People have stopped depending on their own taste buds and have started to side with whatever is trendy and new. They either don't know the difference between what is ok and what is great, or they just don't care. I still care. If something looks good, it better taste just as good. I find most cupcakes are unimaginative and lacking in taste. I will gladly bow down and rejoice in a great cupcake. I'm on a journey for a cupcake you simply can't live without, one that makes you smile as you bite into it, and one that reminds you of what childhood dreams where made of. This is my quest and this blog is the reviews of my findings.

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